xbox-‘kinect’ing with the world

Looking for the one-of-a-kind gift this Holiday season?

The answer is actually all around you.

The Kinect system by Xbox has been taking the media world by storm in recent weeks.  The commercials demonstrate an interactive gaming system with users acting as the actual remote control. Revolutionary in nature the webcam-esque platform plugs into the xbox consol for a never before seen entertainment experience.

Not only is the product fun and cool, the publicity surrounding it as well.

On top of commericals and advertisements the product uses many mediums to get its message across. A partnership with Burger King is unique in the fact that the restaurant chain is giving away games for the system.

MTV and other television stations are required to promote the system even as going as far as throwing a large, elaborate launch party held in New York City. Celebrity dancers, Ne-Yo and Mark Wahlberg, among others were there to hype up the “it” factor that kinect certainly possesses.

Perhaps no new product passes the “must have” test until it is promoted by the most powerful name in entertainment; Oprah.

This past week Oprah announced to her studio audience that everyone would be taking one home.

Judging from their reaction, I’d say they are pretty pumped.

The rest of America is as well.

There is no doubting the fact that kinect is an innovative system that will certainly be a hit among consumers this Holiday season. However, the PR plan behind it certainly helped boost its popularity. In all honesty I had seen commercials and television plugs for it a good two weeks before I even knew what the heck it was. It led me to search for it online, talk about it amongst my peers and research it more and more. Even posessing a twitter account (@kinectxm) that details when and where new happenings will be held. For example, Jimmy Fallon will be doing a demonstartion on it during his Late Night show on Monday.

For a new hi-tech device like the kinect, an even more dynamic campaign to promote it was necessary. The good folks at Microsoft and xbox will reap the benefits of their media blitz when the $150 dollar device flies off the shelf in the coming weeks.


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