Is Sheen really winning?

It’s getting old.

Not Major League, it’s a great movie and an institution for the sport of baseball in pop culture.  But Charlie Sheen’s rampage on the world has indeed ran out of steam.

Even Rick Vaughn would attest to that.

When Sheen first released his rampant tidings to the world in a television interview last week, it was cute. Sheen looked to be making the most out of his whirlwind of family issues and rehab visits. The circus began a few months ago and recently just picked up with his “winning, team sheen and tiger blood” campaigns.

On March 1st he created a twitter account which amounted to a firestorm of followers, 2, 376,008, to be exact.

He has been coast-to-coast filming more interviews across different mediums and mainstream sources such as ABC, NBC and TMZ. His tirade was a festival of scrutiny against his family and former employers. He even took matters into his own hands when he formed his own talk show with members of his entourage engaging in similar behavior that some would argue could be destructive to all of mankind.

The situation, at the beginning, was something Sheen may have needed to release himself from the stressors of his personal life. He has long had a history of such problems and this may have been the outlet he felt fit with.

In my opinion it was proper for Sheen to unleash a campaign of the nature he did to let the world hear his side and garner support for his situation.

His publicist disagreed.

Stan Rosenfield, Sheen’s public relations manager for nearly seven years, “respectfully” resigned from that position on February 28th, right when he began his first round of television interviews.

In an interview with LA Times Rosenfield elaborated on the situation.

“I have worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much,” Rosenfield wrote in a brief statement. “However, at this time, I’m unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned.”

His fans may be resigning also.

The Village Voice blog has jump started their own campaign to knock Sheen off his high horse. This Friday will be declared “Unfollow Charlie Sheen Day.”

Many critics of Sheen felt that his actions were indeed humorous at first, but they are coming back to haunt him.

No matter the case, Charlie Sheen has bursted back onto the scene and doesn’t appear to be dropping off any time soon. No matter how “Unfollow Day” pans out, the last of Sheen surely will not be seen any time soon. He is money and will continue to exploit that fact. Look for reality shows, more interviews, live court proceedings and ample shots of tiger blood to keep Sheen’s name in the limelight.

It may be his ultimate winning therapy.



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