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keenan cahill is dynamite

Since its inception in early 2005, YouTube has catapulted many no-name, average Joes into stardom. Names like Antoine Dodson, Chris Crocker, Tay Zonday and Dom Mazzetti quickly come to mind.

Add Keenan Cahill to that list.

A 15 year old from Chicago, Cahill has a unique disease called Maroteaux- Lamy syndrome. It it very rare and produces detrimental outward effects including dwarfism.

It hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

Cahill has made the most of his short life by simply living like any other high school kid. He is a big fan of popular music and has translated that over to YouTube. As many other teenagers have done, Cahill uploaded a lucid video of him lip synching to many songs by artists such as Taio Cruz, Katy Perry, Usher and Rihanna. It is not extravagant, nor is it professionally done. In an interview with, Cahill just said he was bored and goofing off. His pastime has paid off as he is now one of the

most recognizable faces on the internet.

After going viral, late-night talk show host Chelsea Handler noticed him and had to get a piece of this mysterious character. Other jumped on board, too.

50 Cent and Pauly D of Jersey Shore sought him out to arrange for duet performances.

Let’s be honest, he’s an appealing guy. The uniqueness of his condition combined with goofy mannerisms and facial expressions make for some of the freshest entertainment on the internet.

Partnering with Cahill to make a video or song is bound to garner attention and find its way across various forms of online media.

Professional sports teams have started to realize that.

The New York Knicks use him for some of their in-game pump-up videos and commercials. The World Series Champion San Francisco Giants chose to stick to his original roots.

The Giants are sponsoring a charity event on May 25th to raise awareness for Cahill’s condition. The video, released two weeks ago, serves as a promo for the event, but more importantly makes viewers exited for yet another chapter of Cahill’s series. Outfielder Cody Ross, Mascot Lou Seal and baseball’s most dynamic and arguably most popular player Brian Wilson. Wilson alone will achieve the highest ratings possible. The video, put to Cruz’s “Dynamite,” gains laughs and smiles as it has Cahill with his natural environment of music and dancing, but Lou Seal, Ross and Wilson add even more color and wackiness that even non-sports fans can enjoy.

That’s what is so intriguing about Cahill. Pin him with any popular movie, TV, music or sports star and a nationwide hit is bound to happen. He is a genuine kid and hasn’t changed amid his new found glory. It could be argued that some of these artists are exploiting him for his disease and just feeding of the fad. I don’t see that as the case because I’m sure he has to turn many appearances down. When dealing with situations like these, it is important to not feed into any criticism. For 50 Cent, Pauly D and the Giants, their cases are valid. They are indeed fueling their public relations sides but still adhering to an ethical means.