As a WVU tour guide:

Matt seemed like his experiences were more genuine than other tour guides I’ve met.

-Loyd Weldy

Thank you for a great tour (Matt) and taking the time to make our visit to WVU great.

–Joe Sanicola

Matt was unbelievable! The amount of info that he provided was superb! He really was a big influence on winning us over on such a large campus. When he didn’t have an answer, he stated so and said he would look it up for us — and he DID!

-Emily Banocy

Matt’s tour was very good and the campus looks nice and the academic programs sound very interesting. Morgantown also looks like a very nice and fun town.

-Hank Ruffine

It was an awesome tour. I really enjoyed it because I have never really looked at every aspect of WVU and all that it has to offer. I was very pleased with my tour guide, Matt, because he spoke well and knew a lot of information about the school.

-Casey Fitz

My mother and I were very impressed with the school and everything. She thought Matt did a great job as a tour guide.

-Chelsea Hessler

The visit was great and Matt answered every question i could have possibly aksed.

-Alex Finkelsetin

Our guide, Matt, was wonderful. He did an excellent job of explaining the campus, facilities, and programs, while adding a personal narrative that gave details about student life which was extremely helpful. When we left, I felt like I really knew what it would be like to be a student at WVU. It was the best tour that we have been on so far. Also, we were late getting to campus and missed the initial presentation. Matt was kind enough to run it again, and all of the other staff were extremely helpful at the welcome center. Both my mom and I truly enjoyed the experience. I will definitely apply to WVU this fall.

-Eric Smith

The moment I stepped onto the campus I just knew that I could definitely go to WVU. After the tour and visiting other colleges WVU is my top choice. I felt very comfortable and it was a very friendly and welcoming environment!

-Jess Fiant

Very good personalized attention at journalism school–was very impressed with program, internship potential.  Tour was very good.  Overall-very good experience.  Mr. Broadwater and Matt, our tour guide, did a very nice job.

-Lauren Lippert

Matt did a great job on the tour.  He did a great job selling the University with positive comments and honest answers.

-Dylan Brock

As a blogger: 

I really enjoyed this post. You have a very lyrical and romantic way of writing about baseball and especially opening week!


This is wonderful Matt! I love your interaction with the Pirates personnel and how you tell a story.


You are such a true fan, Matt. Seriously.  I admire your commitment. You saw the worst but managed to see the bright side too. Things will get better for the Pirates. They have to!


WOW…you got me on your side for sure!! I’m going to enjoy reading many of your previous posts here, but this one has got me and got me good! You can expect me to read all of your postings.

-Robert Beisbol2010 of message board

I love your enthusiasm for baseball!! You show really well how much you love your Pirates in your posts.

-Noni of Red message board

You are doing a great job, just keep up the pace and you will become a greater writer with each post.


My goodness, Matt, you are good at this. I think you set this up in a way that is easy to read, and esthetically pleasing. You will be a force to be reckoned with in the sports PR field!!



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